by Sarah


Happy New Year from the both of us!

2016 is finally here and it is surreal how fast time has passed! I checked my wedding app today and we’re only 150 days away! What? Crazy! Y’all. I am so excited for the wedding and for married life with my soul-twin. Here’s an update in a nutshell:

Checklist WINS:

•  Reception and Ceremony Venue - BOOKED
•  The Dress! and the shoes too - BOUGHT
•  Website (You are here. Ta-da!) - MADE
•  Engagement Shoot - DONE
•  Bridesmaid Dresses - DONE
•  Mom’s Dress - DONE
•  Registries - DONE
•  Photographer/Videographer - BOOKED
•  Guest list (ugh… the hardest part ever) - DONE
•  Caterers & Cake Tasting - DONE
•  Save-the-Dates - Well… in progress!!!

Checklist HELP:

•  Linens and Chair Rental
•  Seamstress
Wedding bands
•  Guest hotel booking
•  Choreographer (ha… joking)

At the same time that all of this is going on, I am trying to also to be “present” in real life -- doing things well at work and having real, quality time with family and friends. Definitely not easy. But the Lord has taught the both of us so much in the past couple of months about what is going to be most important as we step into this new stage of our lives.

It’s about the marriage, not the wedding.

When SP got down on one knee, he asked me, “Will you be my wife?” This caught me off guard as I was expecting the usual “Will you marry me?” I guess it’s so much easier to say “yes” to a gigantic party with all of your friends than to actually work together as husband and wife!  I’ve been trying to keep this in mind whenever I browse through Pinterest or wedding magazines. The wedding day is the first day out of many… I have to constantly remind myself of that!

Trust in the Lord’s plan.

About two months ago, the company that SP worked for unexpectedly had to be shut down. The first month, we were pretty optimistic that a new job would pop up right away and there would be no problems. Weeks passed and worry took over my heart, because of all of the plans we had made for the wedding, for the holidays, etc. But the Lord has been teaching us patience and trust in His timing. We can make so many grand schemes but He ultimately knows what is best for us.  After several interviews with different employers, He provided SP with a new job with a great company last week! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us.

Be open.

Before I was in a relationship with SP, I considered myself a pretty independent little person. Don’t ask for help. Don’t complain or beg for advice. I still struggle with this so badly, but SP has a way of drawing me out! I’m learning. It’s hard. But communication is always worth it and we grow closer together when there is honesty.

That being said, we welcome any and all advice ya’ll married couples have for us! Coffee double-date, anyone? Let us know. Thanks for checking in on us… Going to make it a point to post more often. Love ya’ll.

SP & Sarah